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All events are different, requiring different

set-ups, design and coordination, I really can’t give you a price. I can tell you, my services are not by the hour, but rather by the day. Most DJ services will give you a price quote right away because that is all they would put in…

4 or 5 hours. Is that what you want? Someone that will only put in 4, 5 or maybe even 10 hours on such a once in a lifetime celebration! On average, I put in over 20 hours even before I step foot into the reception. So write down some ideas you want and don’t want for your wedding. Then contact me so we can create the celebration it was meant to be.

  Contact us today and let us make memories for you that will last a lifetime!


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11 Questions to ask your DJ

1) Are we guaranteed the DJ/MC of our choice on the day of your event? A written contract with your specific DJ/MC protect you from unscrupulus operators.

2) How many years of experience do you have? Experience brings a knowledge of common problems and situations. Be sure your DJ/MC has experience with your type of event.

3) May we call your references? References are a major part of the entertainment business.

4) Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups? An involved business person shows a willingness to learn, network and share ideas. Belonging to a professional trade group reflects a caring attitude.

5) Will you allow requests? Requests, should be welcome. If a song seems inappropriate, a good DJ will explain the reason and ask for an alternative selection.

6) How early will you be there to set up? An average of 60 minutes should be allowed for set up and sound check. There is no additional charge for this service.

7) How will you be dressed? Proper attire reflects a positive image to your guests.

8) Are you insured? Insurance is a part of any legitimate business. Liability and casualty policies protect yourself, your guests and your DJ company.

9) Do you us professional gear? Using professional sound equipment (including pro CD player, laptop) helps insure reliable service and quality presentation.

10) Will you provide and emergency back-up system at your event? Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and special events are often one in a lifetime opportunities. A back-up system protects your investment.

11) Do you provide music entertainment for same sex weddings? Yes, we provide music entertainment.